Specialized Coating Technology LLC - Flu Gas Corrosion and Heat Resistant Coating Applications
SCT Provides These Services:
Industrial and commercial maintenance cleaning and painting.
  •  Hydro-blasting including chemical injection.
  •  Specialized Ariel Staging/Rigging.
  •  Media Blasting (SSPC and NACE).
  •  External and Internal Coatings (Confined Space Certified).
  •  "On the Run" application   (Skin Temps up to 500°F)
  •  On-Site Shutdown Services.
  •  Kiln Shell, Flare Stack, Bag Houses coatings.
  •  Elastomeric roof coating of Storage and Blender Silos.
  •  Patch repairs of elastomeric sealers on industrial roofs.
  •  Color Code of piping in manufacturing facilities.
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Kiln & Bag House Coatings:
SCT Kiln Products
Exclusive High Heat Coating, we pioneered, applied to interior Kiln Shell prior to refractory.  Case studies show this self sacrificing coating provides a barrier which resists chemical corrosion formation. This product extends the service life of the shell.  
Case Study Articles:
Latest Article: Case Study, Bag House Coatings
Be sure to read the case study on Bag House coating applied over five (5) years ago still holding up and lasting longer than bags.
world cement august 2010 list
August 2010 Issue, Article By Debra Ashley
Article Number Two:
World Cement Article Cover
    July 2004 Issue By Debra Ashley                
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    Page 3
Article Number : Three
Refractory Anchors and Clips:
We also coat Refractory Anchors and Clips which extends service life and helps prevents pre-mature brick failure.  We offer pre-coating of your clips in advance of your shut-down.
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